International Remote Worker, Maria. And Her Story About Human Resource Open Enrollment

  Maria was scrolling through her LinkedIn feed when she saw a post from her cousin. It was a link to an article about her new job’s health care open enrollment period and how important it is for everyone to review the options available and select the benefits that best fit their needs. She clicked on the link and started reading. As she read, she realized that this was something important that she needed to take care of soon. She quickly went to her Human Resource department’s website and browsed through the documents.  Unfortunately, most of them were in English! She wasn’t sure if she could translate them correctly on her own, so she decided to call her cousin for help. Maria’s cousin explained that he was in the same boat, and they agreed to contact their human resource director first thing in the morning.   TTG specializes in open enrollment translations for human resources.  
  • Translation and interpretation services for open enrollment
  • Specialists in health care translations
  • Offers interpretation services to non-English speaking employees
  • Experienced project managers to oversee your open enrollment translation project
  • Flexible service to meet your needs
  • Quick turnaround on projects and tight deadlines

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