Lost in Translation?

Countless people have said they don’t understand or fully grasp the movie “Lost in Translation.” They want to know what it’s about, but they struggle to find its true meaning. The irony here is that the movie itself may be lost in translation. The same is true for real-world translation. If people cannot comprehend the essence of the message, the translation itself, like the movie, is lost. Don’t let your business get lost in translation. Your business’s brand, message, product, or service must be fully localized to reach global and domestic audiences at an authentic level.

Global Economy Global Brand

Without translation services, it will be impossible for a company to grow its brand and presence in a global economy. But, businesses also need accurate translation services. No matter the scale of your business, bad translations can turn a worldwide campaign into a disaster. KFC’s campaign should remind us of the importance of getting it right. KFC’s slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” was translated into Chinese as “Eat Your Fingers Off.” In today’s global marketplace, there is no room for the spoken or written word to be lost in poorly translated content.While the last couple of years seems to have separated the world on all fronts, the truth is the global economy and cross-border business are growing at an unprecedented rate. Expanding into the global marketplace can present new challenges. Questions you should be asking as you move your business into a worldwide market:
  • Does the product or service look and feel as it should in different cultures and markets?
  • Are we accurately and consistently translating documents?
  • Can we support customers with meaningful conversations in their language?
  • Is the brand culturally sensitive across the global landscape?
As more and more businesses go global, they also need to stay true to their region. It’s a delicate balance, but in our age of authenticity, a personalized approach works best, and that includes the content you’re creating and its accurate translation and localization.

TTG Translation Services

Expand your business globally through TTG, the leader in global language services. TTG provides specialized turn-key translation services, including:
  • Localization
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Customized language solutions
  • 24-hour support
  • Brand globalization
  • Document translation
  • Transcription services
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Full localization and engineering
  • Native-language and subject specialist translation
  • Audio, voice-over, and subtitling
  • ISO Certified

Communication and Translation

Communication should never get lost in translation. TTG language services can help your business grow through accurate, authentic translation services. At TTG, with over 4000 localization and translation experts translating over 200 languages, the world will understand your content, brand, and business. Our language and technical translation services can help you build trust, understanding, and stronger relationships. Learn how TTG can deliver the best translation and localization services for your global business.

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