Telephone Interpreting for your Language Solution Needs

  There are some questions you should ask yourself
  • Can your sales representatives have meaningful conversations with potential clients in multiple languages?
  • Can your Managers, Supervisors and HR professionals communicate with your non-English speaking employees?
Telephone Interpreting for Business Telephone interpreting supports a conversation between two or more parties where language barriers exist. The global language services industry has grown tremendously, coinciding with the growth of the global economy but also the need to communicate with customers and employees in a language other than English. Companies can now benefit from interpretation and language support services. Over the Phone or Telephone Interpreting, enables an interpreter to be engaged live on a telephone call, where the interpreter speaks one language while you speak English. Over the phone, telephone interpreting services offer high-quality live, on demand phone interpreting – there is no need to book an interpreter. Where Telephone Interpreting can prove very valuable is for Companies that need to communicate quickly and at short notice with customers or employees, with someone in a different language but don’t have the language speaker readily available. The telephone interpreter will interpret your words and speak with your customer or employee in their own language to ensure that your message is completely understood. Professional Interpreters from TTG can provide secure interpreting services to and from English to allow meaningful communication between English and non-English speakers. Whether your caller wants to learn more about your services and what you do, or your global employees need to understand the critical requirements of an urgent situation quickly, the TTG Telephone Interpreting Service provides a cost-effective and immediate solution to any language barriers. TTG can connect your organization with bilingual phone interpreters in over 200 languages. Our highly qualified interpreters and professional linguists are available whenever needed – 24/7. Our team are ready to work with you to meet your needs and keep the conversation flowing naturally. TTG – Your Global Translation Experts TTG has more than 4,000 professional linguists available worldwide, covering all time zones. Our on-demand service supports more than 200 different languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. For any global language solution you require, our experienced, professional Interpreters are here to ensure all your needs are met.

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