The Best Methods for Translating Market Research

The Best Methods for Translating Market Research

When expanding your marketing efforts to new countries, one question is whether or not the people there will have the same emotional reaction to your brand’s message as your current customer base. Market research is the way to go if you want to learn more about your potential new clientele.

Market research will help you learn more about your target audience so that you may communicate more effectively with them. When going global with your product or service, it’s essential to have your market research translated thoroughly for each of your target markets.

All the research that backs up your expansion strategy needs translating if your company is already operating globally or if you rely on close ties with foreign stakeholders. After all, reliable market research in multiple languages is the backbone of every global growth plan.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the most crucial parts of market research translation, seven practical translation best practices, and who’s the best fit for this type of job.

What Market Research Translation is and Why You Might Need It

Now is the best time in history to expand your company’s operations globally in terms of profit and expense.

There is a window of opportunity in international markets because of the proliferation of social media platforms and the increasing prominence of the online retail sector. More and more companies and brands now aim to reach international customers and are finding success in emerging economies.

Translating ensures smooth communication in multilingual and multicultural settings. When conducting market research, it is vital to ensure that all parties involved, regardless of their native language, are on the same page. Translations by native speakers fluent in the languages and familiar with the customs of your prospective customers are essential.

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Why? Because the outputs of marketing research translation must be rendered with exceptional precision, avoiding any omission or inaccuracy that could compromise the conclusions of the research.

It is important to note that the primary objective of market research is frequently to construct a picture of the target population that is as thorough as possible, considering variables like age, socioeconomic status, product preferences, and more. Keeping this in mind is essential when translating the market study results.

Brands and language services must be cognizant of cultural and linguistic differences but must also account for variations inside a single country. 

When working with a top-notch market research translation company, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality results, even under the most pressing time constraints. 

7 Market Research Translation Best Practices

After explaining what market research translation is and why it’s crucial, we want to underline how essential it is to work with a professional translation firm that deeply understands marketing translation.

Market research translation best practices can be helpful whether you stumbled upon this post while looking for marketing translation services or are a translator interested in learning more about this critical field. 

Seven of our tried-and-true methods are detailed below.

1: Aim for a Team Effort with a Reliable Translation Agency and an International Research Service

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In market research, results are proportional to the quality of the data compiled—the better and more well-informed the data, the more precise the output. Poorly translated market research is like constructing a house on quicksand.

Some of this may seem obvious. However, in practice, businesses and brands frequently overlook the significance of translation and content localization.

Aiming for a collaborative approach between a trustworthy translation firm and a worldwide research service is the key to producing meaningful market research translation and reliable localization.

During the translation & localization of your market research, highly skilled translators will ensure that the content is attentive to the needs, culture, and interests of the target audience. 

2: Identify the Culture You Want to Reach and Learn As Much About It As Possible

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-learn all about the culture

Research needs to be developed with cultural awareness in mind so that researchers can incorporate the idiomatic terms of the target languages into their findings. Improve the quality and precision of your market research by providing more directly applicable information about the target audience. Because of the importance of culture to language, failing to take that into account can turn off or even offend your target audiences.

Incorrect translation and localization could be to blame for a high rate of linguistic drop-off or disinterest. It’s crucial to trust your language service provider’s judgment and experience.

3: Establish the Most Stringent Quality Assurance

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-Establish the Most Stringent Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is paramount.

During the course of your market research translation and localization, even minor mistakes have the potential to snowball into major ones.

Fear not, though; once the initial translation draft is complete, experienced, highly trained translators will review the entirety of the content and proofread, thoroughly searching for any typos or mistranslations.

4: Blend Manual and Automatic Processes for Rapidity

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-Blend Manual and Automatic Processes for Rapidity

When translating market research, it is crucial to act quickly. It’s essential to process and analyze the data rapidly so the findings don’t become stale.

Budget, accuracy requirements, and time constraints are all in play. When conducting global market research translations, things can get tricky, but don’t worry; we’ve got the solution for you.

5: Collaborate with Interdisciplinary Translation Teams

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-Collaborate with Interdisciplinary Translation Teams

Finding a translation team that has both language skills and cultural understanding, in addition to technical proficiency, is essential.

Each translator working with market research data must know how to navigate the findings without destroying the essence of your market research. And this is true regardless of the information retrieval platform or file type.

6: Use Translation Management Tools to Accelerate the Translation Process

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-Use Translation Management Tools to Accelerate the Translation Process

Advancements in technology have made translation quicker and more accurate than ever before. The correct translation management system can help you expedite the translation process while maintaining high quality within the language services ecosystem. Moreover, several tools allow for easier version management. You can save time and effort while producing higher-quality results by comparing and contrasting several versions of the translation and weighing potential improvements.

The entire process is faster with the help of translation management tools. But it still requires human translator inspection to incorporate cultural nuance into the final translated output.

7: Work with a Language Service That Is Available 24/7

Best Methods for Translating Market Research-Work with a 24-7 Language Service Provider

It’s crucial to have access to a language service available around the clock, no matter where you are. Time zone differences can be disastrous for a project if they prevent errors from being caught promptly.

Reliable translation services always make themselves available to their clients at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week, to ensure they can respond quickly to any urgent needs throughout the market research translation project. 

Join Forces with the Industry Standard in Translation Services for Market Research

Nailing your international marketing plan will entail translating your marketing research. And you should outsource this task to a professional translation agency with experience in the area.

With nearly two decades of experience, Transatlantic Translations Group is a market research translation powerhouse that uses only the most effective marketing transcreation methods to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

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