The Five Most Popular Languages We Translate And Why

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Our world is incredibly diverse, allowing us to connect through more than 7,000 different languages!

Amazingly, language can bridge cultural gaps and help us build relationships. Language has been the key to unlocking understanding for generations. It’s all quite remarkable. 

Our clients are embracing a variety of languages to reach their global audiences. Discover the five most-requested translations that our team is currently providing!

While we offer translations in more than two hundred languages, these five languages rise to the top of the list, given the volume of translation requests we receive. And a couple of these might be a surprise to you.


TTG’s top five languages by translation volume


With a massive range of US-based industries now employing Spanish speakers, employers are taking the initiative to ensure effective communication with their workforce by translating essential documentation into Spanish. 

That can include everything from instruction manuals for equipment and employment contracts to employee benefits or Human Resource documents. 

Companies have also begun providing voiceovers or subtitles in Spanish for training videos and town hall meetings – demonstrating an increased commitment towards bridging language barriers within the workplace. 

Having the ability to communicate effectively with a bilingual workforce is essential for the success of any business. It enables companies to create an inclusive working environment and ensure that all communications are understood. 

Canadian French

TTG has extensive experience in providing Canadian French translation services to various industries, from translating product packaging and brochures to localizing websites. 

Our expertise accounts for the regulations the Canadian Government sets that require businesses operating within certain parts of Canada to provide bilingual documents.

We understand that translating bilingual documents is more than just about meeting government requirements. More importantly, translating ensures effective and error-free communication across language barriers. 

That’s why our team works hard to deliver high-quality translations that accurately represent the original document while still being easily understood by non-native speakers.

Our quality assurance process focuses on delivering accurate and reliable client documents every time. 

Moreover, we use advanced quality control processes that ensure accuracy in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and terminology for each project we undertake. 

We also insist on proofreading to ensure no typos or errors in your translated texts. We guarantee accurate and culturally relevant translations with TTG’s Canadian French translation services.


Brazilian Portuguese

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, with a population of over 207 million people. It is also one of the most diverse countries. 

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, spoken by over 99% of the population. As such, Brazilian Portuguese translations are essential for businesses and organizations that conduct business in Brazil or with Brazilian customers and partners.

TTG specializes in providing Brazilian Portuguese documents for staff based here in the US. Additionally, we have vast experience working with instruction and maintenance documents within the oil industry – particularly those relating to machinery going into Brazil.

Our team is well-versed in the nuances of Brazilian Portuguese, and we can ensure that each document meets the specific needs of our clients. 

Additionally, our translation editors are experts at catching errors before delivering the final translated documents. 

Businesses can rest assured that their documents will meet both language and technical standards required by Brazilian authorities. 

Furthermore, we offer fast turnaround times, so you don’t have to worry about delays when submitting essential documents. That is one of the primary reasons we provide heavy volumes of Brazilian Portuguese translation services. 



Mandarin Chinese is a significant language powerhouse, with over 1 billion speakers representing nearly 60% of China’s population. 

While Mandarin is the primary dialect spoken in this country, other varieties make up the cultural tapestry of their linguistic landscape. 

As an official language used by government and education systems alike, Chinese is one of the most widely-used languages today. 

TTG helps bridge the language gap between business partners in the US and China. We offer secure translation services for technical documentation and professional interpreters to ensure effective communication. 

Our team of professionals is highly trained in both cultures, giving them deep insights into the nuances of each language. That helps us accurately convey messages while preserving cultural sensitivity. 

Our cutting-edge technology guarantees fast turnaround times and top-notch quality control procedures. With TTG’s help, companies can confidently navigate international business partnerships painlessly and efficiently. 

TTG facilitates a productive environment between trading entities across both countries by removing linguistic barriers.


German is a hugely popular language, spoken by an impressive 130-155 million people as their native tongue or additional language. It’s the official language in seven countries and is the most widespread mother lingo in the European Union.

We understand the importance of accuracy, efficiency, and quality when translating for German clients. We translate a large amount of financial and legal documents both to and from German.

Our team has years of experience in meeting the expectations of German clients and consistently delivering high-quality translations with precision and speed. 

This combination of meticulous attention to detail expertly trained native-speaking translators, and leading-edge technologies provide optimal results every time. Our German translation clients trust that their documents are accurate and delivered on time – no exceptions! 



Additional popular languages


While Spanish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and German are at the top of our most popular languages, we frequently translate many other languages. These include Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Indonesian, Urdu, and, of course, English.

A robust economic presence doesn’t just mean a more significant financial contribution to the global marketplace but also increases the use of native languages in business. 

As businesses expand their operations into other countries, they also have an enormous cultural impact on international relations. 

By tapping into a global clientele, businesses can make critical connections with customers from various backgrounds. To maximize this potential, it’s essential for companies to thoughtfully tailor their marketing approaches for different cultural contexts and personalize messaging in ways that meet people where they are today and in their native language.


Translations are central to localization


Going global with your business doesn’t have to be intimidating. Understanding the various cultures and customers’ needs is key to making a real connection in new markets. Get the inside scoop on localizing for success – so you can reach an ever-widening audience!


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