What’s in a Brand Name?

When creating or rebranding an existing global brand, your first priority is to check how the name translates globally. Depending on where your audience is, your brand name may translate differently. For instance, Facebook recently changed its brand name to ‘Meta.’ However, this new bold vision and name didn’t translate well across seas, particularly in Israel, where the word ‘meta’ sounds like the Hebrew word for “dead.” The irony here is enormous … but that’s for another post. Additionally, when KFC arrived in China during the mid-1980s, its motto ‘finger-licking good,’ didn’t sit well with the locals. As the motto’s translation in Mandarin is “eat your fingers off.” Ouch! And then there’s Rolls-Royce, who had to change the name of their newly released Silver Mist car because ‘mist’ in German translates as “excrement.” Ending of the story, the car was renamed Silver Shadow. In order to be a successful brand worldwide, you have to consider your audience’s differences in culture, lifestyle, and values. Your brand names and product descriptions should not risk being culturally insensitive or offensive, and have to undergo what is referred to as ‘Disaster Checks.’ A disaster check ensures that professional native speakers check brand names and report any negative, positive or neutral associations. TTG assists many Fortune 500 and 100 organizations in completing disaster checks and suggesting brand names based on globalization within a target country. While also confirming no similar brand name exists in more than 200 languages.

TTG Translation Services

Expand your business globally through TTG, the leader in global language services. TTG provides specialized turn-key translation services, including:

  • Localization
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Customized language solutions
  • 24-hour support
  • Brand globalization
  • Document translation
  • Transcription services
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Full localization and engineering
  • Native-language and subject specialist translation
  • Audio, voice-over, and subtitling
  • ISO Certified

Communication and Translation

Communication should never get lost in translation. TTG language services can help your business grow through accurate, authentic translation services. At TTG, with over 4000 localization and translation experts translating over 200 languages, the world will understand your content, brand, and business. Our language and technical translation services can help you build trust, understanding, and stronger relationships. Learn how TTG can deliver the best translation and localization services for your global business.

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