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Full Linguistic Checks
Consumer products sold successfully around the world, consider the differences in cultures, lifestyle and values. Making sure product name and descriptions do not impose risk of culturally insensitive or offensive materials, with descriptions and names that make sense and are easy to pronounce.

The TTGroup assists many Fortune 500 and 100 organizations in completing checks and suggesting brand name based on globalization checks within the target country whilst also confirming no similar product name is in existence, with support in more than 200 languages.

Typical timelines are 3 business days, with more time for extensive lists of names or linguist teams.

Disaster Checks
Names are checked by professional native-speakers who report if there are any negative, positive or neutral associations and their responses are returned within very quick turnaround timelines.

Logo Evaluation
Logos are checked by professional native-speakers of typically 2-3 or more linguist teams, who report if there are any negative, positive, or neutral associations with the shape and color of the desired logo and if anything similar is present within the target country. Again, this is also completed within a very fast turnaround for our clients.

Transatlantic Translations Group

Our linguist teams consist of 1, 2, 3, or as many linguist professionals as our clients prefer.

Questions can be tailored to any special client requirements together with the standard selection of review questions:

The TTGroup uses only language and subject expert linguists based in the same country of the expected product launch. Professional linguists who remain current in their understanding of local brands, focused on providing culturally acceptable results.