Global language document translation services using

subject-expert linguists for the most accurate translations

Are you looking for professional document translations?

You are not alone. With local language more diversified and technology advancements to access information across country lines much faster, translation of the written word has increasingly become central to growing organizations.

Whether expanding globally or supporting a diverse workforce, the ability to communicate with employees, customers, or business partners requires professional quality and accurate translation that leaves the intended reader with the ability to understand the messaging as if we wrote it in their native language.

Accurate translations allow you to share documents quickly and avoid misunderstanding or misinterpreting the original text. Through our language and subject experts, there is no limit to the type of content we can translate for you.


You require a translation partner who is dependable, precise, and quick.

Transatlantic Translations Group

provides this and more, 24 hours a day.


Experience and accuracy are paramount for translation.

ISO-certified, TTG’s award-winning expertise comes from our experienced professional linguists. They provide complete translation and review, with extensive experience in over 250+ languages and more than 100 industries and subject matter.

We understand the importance of accuracy and reliability in our language services. Our expert teams are available to support you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you need translation knowledge beyond the written word, with an expert understanding of specialized terminology, subject matter, branding, technology, formatting, or local laws and regulations of an industry in the target locale, TTG is with you every step of the way.

TTG has the right teams to ensure your translation needs provide the best communication specific to your subject matter, industry type, and cultural aspects for every global audience.

These are some of the areas where we provide specialization.

• Advertising and Marketing
• Automotive
• Consumer Products
• eLearning and Education
• Energy and Power
• Financial Services
• Gaming and Casino
• Government
Human Resources
Open Enrollment
• Industrial
• Insurance

• Interpretation Services
• Legal
• Life Sciences
• Manufacturing
Market Research
• Media and Entertainment
• Video Games
• Oil and Gas
• Robotics
• Technology and IT
• Telecommunications
• Travel and Leisure

Why Work With TTG?

An unprecedented track record of translation success

4,000+ Expert Linguists

Our fully vetted, tested, and assessed linguists, under ISO standards, genuinely are experts in translating the written word.

We combine their language and subject matter expertise with their local understanding of culture and laws to provide every client with the highest translation and language services standards.

250+ Different Languages

Our professional, expert linguists are based mainly in-country for continued mastery of the written language, with a smaller group of crucial language experts located in the US for companies and government agencies who require this.

Our technical, engineering and desktop formatting teams allow us to provide customized language solutions to any project type and global audience requirement. Any market you want to reach, we’ve got you covered. TTG has the right teams to ensure the smoothest project completion.

20+ Years of Expertise

Founded in 2001 as a technical translation expert, TTG has grown to become a prominent, award-winning, global language service provider for countless industries and subject matter.

Our expertise goes beyond professional translation and interpreting services and covers a vast array of language needs, including transcription services, audio, subtitling, and voiceover; localization and engineering; editorial services and desktop publishing; and complete translation memory management and technology solutions.

CSA Research Badges

Discover how easy it is to work with

industry experts for perfect translations

The key to our consistent, high-quality standards lies within the experience and expertise of everyone at TTG. Our professional linguist teams support more than 250+ languages and over 100+ areas of subject knowledge. Vetted and assessed as:

• Native-speakers only

• Industry and subject matter specialists

• Highly tested as professional-level linguists

• Screened against do not use lists such as SAM and OIG

• Continuously assessed for accuracy and quality

• Managed by a senior service delivery team with decades of experience

Do you want to talk about what we can do for you?

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How does our document translation expertise benefit you?

Rest easy knowing your translations will be flawless.

Benefit by working with a team of experts in your industry.

Enjoy cost savings from the latest translation technologies.

As native speakers, our translators understand linguistic and cultural subtleties, allowing your content to seem like it was written in the target language – not just translated.

Reliability and accuracy are the apexes of translation.

A proven process that improves your project’s success.

Translation Management Technology

Keep your data safe with TTG’s translation technology management system.

Our secure HTTPS connection protects your documents to the highest standards. With our advanced security measures, you can rest assured that your proprietary data will never be in danger.

Translation Management Technology

Translation Memories

Our Translation Memory (TM) services significantly benefit you by improving continuity and reducing costs. Every project, no matter the size, comes with a full editorial review of TM inventory, ensuring the meaning is accurate before final delivery.

Maintaining the TM inventory at no additional charge ensures you never have to pay twice for a translation. We also accept existing historical TM inventory from our clients.

Translation Memories

Client Portal

Our Client Portal is an invaluable asset for you. It allows you to request work, easily view project status, and access a complete history of translations and relevant information.

This secure online system offers convenience and reliability when managing your translations, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and in the right hands. This information is always just a few clicks away, enabling you to easily stay on top of your project progress.

client portal

The basics of getting started


Send your documents for a quote via email or through our client portal.

We accept any file format.
Indicate the target languages as well as your preferred delivery date.


A TTG project manager will contact you

Your project manager will acknowledge receipt of your documents via email.
They will help you through the entire process and
ensure a successful translation project.


Get your quote

You will receive a quote from your project manager within four business hours.
Once you approve the quote, work can commence.


Your project is assigned

Your project manager will assign your document translation work to
the most suitable professional from our pool of specialists.


Receive your translated documents

Once your translated documents are complete, we will notify you by email,
and you can either retrieve them by email or through our client portal.

Do you need any other type
of assistance with translations?

Our team is here to help you with solutions.

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