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Going Global? Localisation is the Essential Cornerstone

Localisation is paramount if your business operates worldwide or plans to expand into overseas markets.

And localisation goes beyond just translating your business collateral or interpreting conversations between overseas customers, employees, and suppliers.

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TTG is a leading localisation, translation, and interpreting service provider.

You’ll need to localise more than just your website to reach a wider worldwide audience. Localisation might also include:

  • Marketing materials, including TV, radio, audio, video, and ads
  • Product manuals
  • Training materials
  • Online FAQs
  • Help systems
  • User interfaces
  • Quick-start guides
  • Service materials
  • Product warranty materials
  • Disclosure documents, such as terms and conditions
  • eLearning programs
  • Certification and assessment programs
  • Evaluation of brand names for overseas markets

TTG Provides Extensive Expertise In Localisation, Translation, and Interpreting Services.

Why is Localisation Important for Businesses Expanding Into European Markets?

Penetrate International Markets

  • Doing business in foreign countries gives you a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.


Expand Your Audience

  • There are more opportunities than ever to reach and attract new worldwide audiences.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Localised content sends a powerful message to your non-English speaking audience that your business cares for and caters to them.

Strengthen Your Brand Image and Loyalty

  • Satisfied customers will stay loyal to your business and become your brand advocates.


Increase Revenue

  • Localised market penetration leads to improved brand awareness and increased sales.


Avoid Logistical and Cultural Roadblocks

  • Expanding into international markets can be challenging. Businesses must be aware of the cultural, legal, logistical, and economic differences between countries. Localisation solves these potential pitfalls.

TTG is our go-to partner for localization, translation, and telephone interpreting services. TTG’s lightning-quick responsiveness, top-quality work, and cost-effectiveness create an unbeatable combination.

It has been so easy and effortless to work with TTG! The project submission process is proficient with the online portal, and pricing is always transparent and reasonable. My highest recommendation.

How TTG Can Help Your Business Succeed With Going Global

TTG’s Six Standards of Project Quality

1. Expert Teams
Our linguists are native-speaking subject experts, screened on ISO standards in 200+ languages and 100+ specialisations.

2. Suite of Tools
Integrated solutions, cloud-based platform, cloud-based CAT technology, client portal, and API solutions drive efficiencies to meet critical client timelines.

3. Best Practice Standards
GDPR compliant, ISO 17100:2015 & 18587:2017 certified, documented workflows, procedures & policies for consistent quality control.

4. Localisation & Desktop Publishing
Our Desktop Publishing & Engineering groups provide expertise for seamless support. Files are returned publish or print ready. eLearning & websites are managed by teams who understand the unique nature of localisation.

5. Global Coverage
TTG offices span throughout the UK, Ireland, APAC, and the Americas. As long-standing members of the Association of Translation Companies in the UK, each client is provided a dedicated, global team for immediate support no matter what time of day.

6. Consultative Approach
Customised solutions & experienced management, providing consultation from decades of experience.

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