TTG provides clients with full localization and engineering support needed. Whether software, gaming, websites, eLearning applications, online applications, help systems, graphics, video or audio; our localization division provides high quality engineering and testing services at very affordable rates.

Help Systems

Our engineering team specializes in the development of custom, validation tools to automate the process of checking common Help QA issues such as inconsistent TOC links with Page Titles and H1 headings, missing spaces between links, broken HTML entities and much more.

Full compiling, testing and bug fixes in all types of Help Systems including:

We use a combination of industry standards and tools such as:

eLearning Services
Our expert teams manage the entire process for our clients, providing full localization support for:

We support all common formats including:

With full, turn-key support for internationalization of the course or project, full screen capture and animation translation, voice over recording with professional multilingual voice talent with audio synchronized to match the original and full testing and QA.


TTG provides complete engineering services to manage all processes and workflows between teams. To ensure the highest quality results for graphical user interface (GUI) and source test translations while preserving code quality.

We work hard to reduce the time needed from our client and their developer by controlling the engineering, testing, bug fixing, and builds for regression all the way through to the final sign-off. And our teams can customize internal bug databases to fit our customers’ requirements and ensure the highest levels of quality.


Our teams use all proper guidelines in all graphic standards. With support that includes screen size resolution, application dialog size, dpi, graphic formats, and more.

Movies and Subtitles

TTG can render videos quickly and efficiently, enabling more time for testing and editing. Our localization team provides subtitling services where we can embed subtitles into the movie or use a subtitle .srt file. We also offer transcribing services to support and create new subtitles for English movies.

Audio Post Production

In addition to full localization support, our teams provide complete audio post-production services, including: