Market Solution

Imagine reading a technical summary on software engineering code with the expectation that you understand every point made?

Unless you’re a software engineer by trade, most likely it would seem like a foreign language! This is exactly why TTG believes that specialized subject matter and industry types should have the support of subject experts who provide translation from professional experience of working within the subject type.

If you can’t understand the topic, you can’t translate it!

Our linguistic teams provide native-speaking, subject experts who have both the expertise in professional translation services and, professional localization services.

TTG delivers the highest levels of translation quality to our clients with in-depth knowledge of the unique nuances and specialized terminology of each industry and subject type. Our teams also specialize in localization which is the process that steps beyond translation to ensure all methods of communicating and delivering communication fits within the target culture and global audience.

Our localization, subject experts address other elements also important in the method of communication:

TTG has the right teams to ensure your translation and localization needs provide the best form of communication specific to your subject matter, industry type, and cultural aspects for every global audience!