Communicate more precisely

with onsite face-to-face interpreting

The most effective form of medical interpreting

The most effective and accurate kind of interpretation is onsite interpreting.

Despite the rise of more convenient and urgent interpretation services like telephone and video remote interpreting, onsite interpretation is in high demand. That is because of the rising need for interpreters in medical and healthcare settings.


It’s all about the human touch

Having a professional onsite interpreter physically present provides individuals with the benefit of hearing and seeing the interpreter, resulting in positive communication and accurate interpretation.

Allowing your patient and onsite interpreter to read each other’s body language and facial emotions can help the process go more smoothly and make the patient and family feel more comfortable.

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Linguists onsite are ideal for sensitive or emotionally taxing situations like medical interpreting.

Onsite interpretation for the healthcare industry is frequent as well as helpful.

Under the Affordable Care Act, federal law requires hospitals that accept Medicare, Medicaid, or other government funds to provide interpretation services.

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onsite medical interpreters ensures that patients who do not speak the native language used in the hospital are receiving the same professional care

Bridge the communication gap

Onsite medical interpreters guarantee that patients who do not speak the local language of the hospital receive the same professional care and treatment as native speakers.

When patients can effectively interact with their healthcare professionals via an onsite interpreter, they feel more at ease.

Onsite medical translators bridge the communication gap between practitioners and patients, ensuring patients receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

Precise medical interpretation is paramount

According to studies, hiring a professional onsite medical interpreter rather than a family member or bilingual staff leads to better and more accurate interpretation, making the patient happier and the process easier.

Precise medical interpretation is paramount

Pay only when you need the service

As a leading interpretation service provider for medical practitioners and healthcare professional, TTG has the expertise, scale, and teams to help you with high-quality, onsite interpreting.

No setup fees are ever required

No monthly service fee charges

No minimum usage requirements

Itemized monthly invoices provided

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When Do You Need Video Remote Interpretation?





Lack of Available Interpreters


Unique Language Interpretation


When Sign Language is Needed


When Multiple Parties are Joining the Call










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VRI is an ideal solution for medical and healthcare professionals wanting to provide the best care possible

When a patient’s primary language is not English, on-demand language support such as VRI allows for quick and effective communication regardless of the patient’s language.

Using video remote interpreting for consultations, diagnosis, and telemedicine sessions is beneficial. Video remote interpreting is especially useful for teams in the field, such as first responders like paramedics.

VRI is an ideal solution for medical and healthcare professionals

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