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Market research translations provide invaluable insight

Market research translation services offer marketing teams and researchers the ability to collect information in multiple languages and then translate that data into valuable content to inform business goals and decisions.

They facilitate efficient and accurate data transfer, helping marketing departments improve their holistic understanding of multiple linguistic regions and target real customer needs.

TTG - Market Research Translations Provide Invaluable Insight
TTG - Speed and responsiveness matter in market research translation

Speed and responsiveness matter

We understand that speed matters and are conscious of the need for fast turnaround and responsiveness. We strive to ensure that our market research translation services are fast, efficient, and delivered with the highest quality of care.

We also understand your industry and the tone required to create engagement. That’s why what we do goes beyond literal translation; it’s an artistic reinterpretation of your market research tailored to give you the best insight into your target market and audience.

Market research translations rely on

accuracy and precision

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I recently used TTG’s Market Research Translations service and am incredibly impressed! Their team is highly knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. They completed my translations quickly without compromising on quality. I’m glad I chose TTG for my translation needs – I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for a reliable translation provider.

I had the pleasure of working with TTG’s Market Research Translations service recently, and I must say that the experience was stellar. The team was fast and friendly, providing quality translations with no delays. I am very impressed by their professionalism and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs reliable translation services.

A poor translation might quickly derail your market research efforts.

Transatlantic Translations Group

is a precise and accurate market research translation partner.

4,000+ Expert Linguists

We trained our translators as experts in market research. They effectively combine their language skills with local cultural nuances while maintaining subject matter expertise. Our translators are true linguistics experts in market research translations and project management.

250+ Different Languages

Our professional, expert teams provide customized language solutions in over 250 languages focused on your research and global audiences’ unique requirements. Any market you want to reach, we’ve got you covered. TTG has the right teams to ensure the smoothest project completion.

20+ Years of Expertise

TTG was founded in 2001 and has become a prominent award-winning global language translation service provider for countless industries across all subjects and topics. With our deep knowledge of language and culture, we effectively deliver translations with impressive accuracy.


• Translation for Market Research requires highly specialized expertise, and Translatlantic Translations Group has created a suite of translation services specifically designed to fulfill the demands of our MR clients.


• TTG offers market research translation services to help businesses gain valuable insights into their target markets. Our service includes translating briefing documents, surveys, questionnaires, research packs, product descriptions, and more. Whatever your project requires, we have the experience.


• We can assist you whether you require a single questionnaire translated into one language or have a large multi-territory, multi-asset project. We assign an account manager who will learn about your specific requirements and recommend the most efficient way to achieve the best results.


• We employ knowledgeable human translators with expertise in marketing, retail, and product placement.

Full-service project partners

We strive to provide immense value to you by being your partner in the market research process. We work with you to understand your objectives, strategies, and how we can best help you.

We ensure the quality of your market research is consistent across all territories to give you accurate translations and in-depth insight.

Our MR language services are expert-level through years of working with market researchers on various projects. These services include:

• Document translation
• Survey localization
• Brand survey insight
• Focus group transcription
• Content analysis
• Report and analysis of translations
• UGC translations
• Web survey localization

TTG- Full-service market research project partners

Standards of quality speak louder than words

Market Research Translations are complex. TTG has experience in solving these challenges.

TTG - Market Research Translations - Expert Teams
TTG - Market Research Translations - Best Practice Standards
TTG - Market Research Translations - Desktop Publishing
TTG takes a consultative approach for every medical translation project
Integrated suite of tools for efficient translations

TTG is here to help with your market translation needs.

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Translations in More Than 200 Languages


High-Quality Native-Language Subject Specialists


ISO 18587:2017 & 17100:2015 Certified


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Leaders in Market Research Linguistics

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