Form more meaningful relationships with your patients.

Reduce translation errors using video remote interpreting.

Face-to-face visibility can eliminate misinterpretation and establish a more personal connection with your non-English speaking patients. Video remote interpreting also has fast connection speeds, allowing you to connect quickly in an emergency.


Ensure Effective Communication with VRI

You will never have to worry about language problems hindering patient communication because video remote interpreting (VRI) is at your fingertips when you need it most.


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Get connected instantly with a VRI interpreter

VRI is the perfect solution in medical sessions, one-on-one appointments, and patient walk-ins where an interpreter is required immediately.


Instead of depending on a small pool of local interpreters in your area to cover all languages, professional video remote interpretation networks like TTG allow you to request an interpreter in over 200 languages.

Video remote interpreting bridges the gap between

over-the-phone interpreting and onsite interpreting

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Tips and best practices for video remote interpretation calls

Get the most out of your video remote interpreting calls with these essential best practices.

You should have high-speed internet if you want high-quality incoming/outgoing video. It will improve call quality, particularly the definition of the video feed. Check that your network has enough capacity so that you are not competing with other users.

You must hear your patients and the interpreter during the remote video call. That means holding the video call in a calm, distraction-free location.

A good microphone makes a tremendous impact. Although your mobile device may have an excellent microphone, you should test it before starting a video session. Conference calling headsets or headphones with directional microphones help to reduce background noise.

If you plan to join video remote interpreting calls on speakers without a headset, ensure they do not cause feedback or echo through your microphone.

It is critical to enunciate well during a video remote interpreting call so that the interpreter can correctly translate and relay the conversation.

Keep the background of your video remote interpreting session as distraction-free as possible.

Doing so eliminates the possibility of distracting your interpreter during the video call and helps keep them focused on providing the best interpreting.

Before starting the video call, make a test call. For example, open the video channel and perform a sound check to ensure everything is in order. Also, before the call, test the microphone and camera angle.

Pay only when you need the service

As a leading provider of video remote interpreting services for medical practitioners and healthcare providers, TTG has the expertise, scale, and technology to help you with high-quality, confidential video remote interpreting.

No setup fees are ever required

No monthly service fee charges

No minimum usage requirements

Itemized monthly invoices provided

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When Do You Need Video Remote Interpretation?





Lack of Available Interpreters


Unique Language Interpretation


When Sign Language is Needed


When Multiple Parties are Joining the Call










TTG are Leaders in Medical Linguistics

VRI is an ideal solution for medical and healthcare professionals wanting to provide the best care possible

When a patient’s primary language is not English, on-demand language support such as VRI allows for quick and effective communication regardless of the patient’s language.

Using video remote interpreting for consultations, diagnosis, and telemedicine sessions is beneficial. Video remote interpreting is especially useful for teams in the field, such as first responders like paramedics.

VRI is an ideal solution for medical and healthcare professionals

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