Shatter Communication Barriers.

Expert teams ensure your content and messaging are understood in any language.

Whether expanding globally or supporting your diverse workforce, communication across languages requires translation expertise from professionals who entirely understand your business.

TTG- Telephone Interpreting

Over 4,000 professional linguists are available worldwide in all time zones for on-demand telephone interpreting support in over 250 languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TTG- Video Remote Interpreting

Our professional video remote interpreting bridges the gap between telephone and onsite interpreting. We remove logistical difficulties while maintaining the facial and visual elements essential to effective interpreting.

TTG - Localization

Professional localization that understands the importance of your digital presence and how language, culture, transactional and customary elements create desired user experiences for your global markets.

TTG- Brand Globalization

Successful global consumer products consider cultural, lifestyle, and value differences worldwide. Based in every target market, our language and subject experts understand local consumers.

TTG- On-Site Interpreting

Onsite interpreting is the most effective and accurate form of interpretation. When telephone or video remote interpreting is insufficient, our onsite interpretation teams are there for you.

A Leading Global Language Service Provider.

Who is Transatlantic Translations Group?

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in New York, Transatlantic Translations Group (TTG) is a top provider of language translation services globally.

Our teams specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions for localization success, including engineering services and telephone interpreting tailored to the industry-specific needs of our client’s audiences worldwide.

Boasting 24/7 support from three major global shifts with highly experienced service delivery crews across North America, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia – TTG is well-equipped to bring your project’s domestic and international ambitions into reality.

TTG is a globally-ranked and ISO-certified language service provider.

CSA Research and ISO Certification Badges

Seamless Language Solutions.

Professional language solutions from native subject experts who understand your needs.

Professional language solutions from native
subject experts who understand your needs.


  • Translation with end-to-end solutions
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Localization and engineering
  • Brand globalization
  • Video remote interpreting
  • On-site interpreting
  • Desktop publishing expertise
  • Transcription services
  • Voiceovers and subtitling

No Matter Your Language Need, TTG Brings The Expertise To Help.

Talk with our team today to explore how we can solve your challenges.

Market Experts.

When Subject Matter… Matters

  Advertising and Marketing


  Consumer Products

  eLearning and Education

  Green Energy and Power

  Financial Services

  Gaming and Casino


  Human Resources

  Open Enrollment






  Market Research

  Media and Entertainment

  Video Games

  Oil and Gas


  Technology and IT


  Travel and Leisure

TTG’s translation, interpreting, and localization teams tailor service solutions to your specific industry needs.

TTG understands the unique requirements of each industry. Our ISO standards of quality align with expert teams located around the world.

Whether your goals are to enter new global markets faster, create improved productivity from your diverse workforce, or increase support for your international clients, TTG is here when subject expertise matters most.

Seamless Translation.

Local communication, global understanding.

If your goal is to expand into new global markets, support a multilingual client base, or have a diverse workforce, the accuracy of your written communication and messaging is central to your success.

Accurate translations from native-speaking subject matter experts allow you to share your documents and content quickly and without the risk of misunderstanding.

Through our years of experience and expertise, there is no limit to the language or type of content we can translate for you.

  • Translation in 250+ Languages
  • Expertise in 100+ Industries and Subjects
  • ISO Quality Standards
  • 24/7, Top-Notch Service and Support
  • Efficient and Accurate Translations Guaranteed
Seamless Translation

Our professional teams provide customized language solutions that cater to the unique requirements of your audiences.

We are proud of the trust our customers place in TTG every day.

Seamless Interpreting.

Multilingual communication with accuracy.

Seamless Interpreting

TTG’s Telephone Interpreting Service is a proven leader in delivering high-quality interpretation in more than 250 languages and connecting you with your limited-English audience for understanding and increased trust.

With more than 4,000 professional linguists available worldwide in all time zones, our on-demand service supports you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether your caller wants to learn more about what you do or your limited-English employee needs to understand the critical requirements of an urgent situation quickly, TTG’s Telephone Interpreting Service provides a cost-effective and immediate solution to language barriers.

All TTG Linguists undertake a rigorous vetting process before they are allowed to join our interpreter network. They also sign strict HIPAA and GDPR-compliant confidentiality agreements.

Watch Our Brief Video To Learn About TTG’s Services. 


Seamless Solutions.

For a Connected World

  Document Translation

  Subject Matter Experts


  Websites and eLearning

  Translation Memory

  API Connectors

  Voice Over & Subtitling

  Transcription Services

  Transcreation Services

  Telephone Interpreting

  Video Remote Interpreting

  On-Site Interpreting

  Global Brand Research

  Branding Linguistics

  Brand Disaster Checks

  Full Desktop Publishing

  Specialized Formatting

  24-hour, 7-day Support

Seamless Global Branding.

Take your brand global with confidence.

Consumer products sold successfully worldwide consider the differences in cultures, lifestyles, and values.

TTG ensures product names and descriptions do not create a risk of culturally insensitive or offensive materials.

TTG uses only language and subject expert linguists who live and work in the target country of the expected product and branding launch.

Our expert teams support many Fortune 500 and 100 organizations, completing checks and suggesting brand names based on globalization research within the target country.

Ultimately confirming whether any similar product name exists with support in over 250 languages.

TTG - Seamless Global Branding

Our professional linguists remain current in their understanding of local brands, providing culturally acceptable results.

Seamless Localization.

Become more visible to your global audience.

TTG provides comprehensive localization and engineering solutions that enhance a positive user experience for global customers, increasing trust in your brand.

We understand increasing your multilingual online presence across all channels is important to reach more people where they live and work. TTG provides the right range of services to support your localization needs.


  • Experts who know the importance of culture and tone in target markets
  • State-of-the-art technology and tools central to successful localization
  • Subject matter experts experienced in terminology and brand messaging
  • In-depth knowledge of text, layout, graphics & multimedia, keyboard shortcuts, fonts, character sets, and locale data; and the role they play in the overall build process


TTG also provides engineering expertise with websites, eLearning, online apps, help systems, gaming, software, graphics, video, and audio products.

Standards Of Quality Speak Louder Than Words.

Translation and interpreting can be complex. TTG has extensive experience in successfully navigating these challenges.

TTG - Market Research Translations - Expert Teams
TTG - Market Research Translations - Best Practice Standards
TTG provides global coverage for translations and interpreting
TTG - Market Research Translations - Desktop Publishing
TTG takes a consultative approach for every medical translation project
Integrated suite of tools for efficient translations

Our Most Frequently Requested Languages.

Flag of China


Flag of Netherlands








Proportion 2:3, Flag of Portugal




Rojigualda, Proportion 2:3, Flag of Spain.


We translate over 250 languages, so if you don’t see the language you need, please get in touch with us.

What Clients Say About TTG.

Throughout the years, I have been using TTG’s translation services. The team has been on hand when I needed them for anything, which gives me the peace of mind that everything will run in an organized and efficient way every single time.

It has been so effortless to work with TTG! The project submission process is proficient with the online portal, and pricing is always competitive.

Everyone I’ve been in contact with at TTG is personable and prompt to reply with any questions I have. The best part is the final completed projects we received are highly professional with a fast turnaround time!

We are glad to have been using Transatlantic Translations Group for some years. Their level of account management support sets them apart from other language service providers, as does their willingness to integrate their processes.

TTG’s service is excellent. They provide a high fulfillment rate across all languages and quick connection times to their professional team. 

TTG is our go-to provider for human resources/open enrollment document translation and phone interpreting. The TTG team’s lightning-quick response time, high-quality work, and cost-effectiveness are unrivaled.

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